Our Causes

Jonga Trust is unique from other eye care providers in South Africa, in that we focus on a comprehensive eye health approach to the delivery of eye care to disadvantaged people of South Africa.  Our main causes are:

Sight For Kids

Young boy with high myopia receiving an eye test

The refraction service determines the optical requirements necessary to correct the client’s visual refractive error.  The service includes the provision of affordable visual aids in the form of spectacles and specialty contact lens to those that require them.

It also provides low vision devices for clients who suffer from permanent visual impairment and prosthetic eye implants to clients who have physically lost their eyeballs due to disease or trauma injury

The benefits of the refraction service are:

  • Restoration of visual acuity allowing for the use of full visual potential.
  • Full visual potential allows for improved school and work performance.
  • Accessible and affordable access to visual aids.
  • Improvement in quality of life for visually disabled persons through the provision of low vision devices and the instruction in low vision orientation and mobility.
  • Improvement in the psychological and social interactions of clients who have lost an eye by providing and maintaining aesthetically pleasing prosthetic eyes.

Naked Baby Project

The Cape Flats is an impoverished area of the Western Cape, which is controlled by violent gang affiliations making it extremely run down and poor. The midwives at the local state midwife and obstetric units/ hospitals have reported that mothers are having babies who are then being sent home without so much as a blanket and in some cases the babies are simply wrapped up and handed over in the birthing sheet.

Sia Sama Sama

Sia Zamz Zamz project workers

Sia Sama Sama is isiXhosa term meaning “Something from Nothing”