Naked Baby Project

The Cape Flats is an impoverished area of the Western Cape, which is controlled by violent gang affiliations making it extremely run down and poor. The midwives at the local state midwife and obstetric units/ hospitals have reported that mothers are having babies who are then being sent home without so much as a blanket and in some cases the babies are simply wrapped up and handed over in the birthing sheet.

The naked baby project is a small initiative aimed at raising awareness of this issue at the same time providing new born necessities, such as baby blankets, clothing as well as a nightie and toiletries for the mothers, to give them some dignity at the same time giving their babies a better start to life.

We are desperately in need of funding to make up the Naked baby and mum pamper packs which included the following items:

  • A baby grow 
  • A vest
  • Tree disposable nappies
  • A blanket
  • A cake of baby soap and a face cloth
  • A small towel
  • A soft toy 

The Naked Baby Project is co-ordinated through Jonga Trust together with the Lions club of Tokai.